Breakfast @ B.J.C.

Blue Jam Cafe, Los Angeles, Ca

There is no telling that this dish is vegan whatsoever. Literally one of the best tasting breakfast experiences I have had in life, which may be a bit dramatic, but it was THAT good! I am a carnivore, but I strive to eat primarily plant based meals. Vegan is not mystery food; it just is not animals. The potatoes were dices into small cubes that were roasted to perfection where the inside is creamy with a crispy, crunchy shell. The peppers and beans were sautéed just right with spices that paired well with the pico and avocado. You could taste everything individually, and in one bite it all comes together to create harmony on the tongue. I would have this meal 1000 times over. I highly recommend this cafe; especially this dish!