Travel Plans Gone Wrong | Things Happen For A Reason

Save. Quit. Travel.

I never wanted a 9-5; to travel the world was always the dream, the goal. A year into my career with the railroad I decided to start working on my exit strategy. I contemplated on when to quit. Obligated to another year, I saved what I could towards the dream.

My plans were to spend 1 month in Guatemala learning Spanish. They have the best rates going for Spanish courses that include accommodation. Plus, I absolutely love the people and culture around Lake Atitlan. Next, spend a month in Colombia learning Spanish because it is neutral and more clear in dialect. After 8 weeks in Spanish courses, I would spend my last few weeks wandering around beaches in Mexico. Starting with Puerta Vallerta I would explore and develop my Spanish along the way. Life never goes as planned, but I have learned that everything happens for a reason.

Two weeks into my travels in Guatemala my allergies progressed to a point where I literally could not focus. My classroom was outdoors and I was developing an allergic response to everything from nature, to fabric detergent. I sat on a rooftop overlooking the lake, crying hysterically, frustrated and annoyed by my circumstances. How could I return to the states when I have yet to meet the halfway point of my travel plans? Also, keep in mind that life in America is more expensive. The purpose of my trip was not only to wander and learn, but to budget and stretch my money. My best friend advised continuing onto another location to see if my allergies get better, but I didn’t want to risk feeling worse.My mom advised I come home, but I had literally just gotten started on my journey.  I wanted to continue but not at the risk and expense of my health. It was tough but I made the decision to return back to the U.S. until I can figure out what was wrong with me and how to combat it abroad if necessary going forward.

The Blessing In Disguise

To be honest I felt ashamed because I had planned to be journeying for 3 months and barely made 3 weeks. I could have stayed, risked my health, and continued to “flex for the gram” but that is not my purpose, aim, or goal, plus that would have been completely irresponsible to allow my pride to cloud my judgment. A bad allergic reaction is a reality allergy sufferers face every day around the world. It is easy to become frustrated, but there is no need in sulking in the misery that is hay fever. If you have a reaction do your best to boost your immune system, stay hydrated, and flush out toxins.

When I returned to the states I treated myself to a few Groupon experiences in the name of retail therapy. I had bought a 10-day yoga pass at a studio who shared an office with a chiropractor. That chiropractor with one session told me that my stomach was in my diaphragm and that a hiatal hernia was the root for all of my “chronic” symptoms and sinus issues. Several doctors could not tell me anything as to why I was continuously feeling and getting sick and this man does. In the grand scheme of things my health took precedence and now I am in a better condition to travel and pursue bigger and better things. Thankfully, I listened to my gut. Adventure elsewhere awaits.