Fare & Friends | Cancun Day 1

I departed Houston and arrived in Cancun, Mexico at about 5 pm. Luckily I had 2 beverage tickets for free mixed drinks on my flight. I ordered a double tequila and OJ to get my holiday started. Touching down in Mexico tipsy and anxious I make my way through immigration and customs. Two hours later, I find myself stuck outside the airport trying to negotiate taxi fare. In the end I prevailed, talking them down from nearly 800 pesos to 400 pesos, which is honestly the lowest I could’ve gotten so I was proud. The ride was pleasantly shared with two guys, one with a son. They spoke some English, Spanish, and to my surprise and satisfaction French. I believe the latter is their native tongue. I was itching to express my obsession and desire to learn, but I didn’t.

After they left it was just the taxi driver and I. He spoke no English, and I spoke barely any useable Spanish, but we found my AirBnb located just off the lagoon of Pok-ta-Pok just fine, where I was welcomed by my hosts Oliver and Emilie.


Oliver and Emilie stayed in the apartment right next to mine. They offered to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner during my stay for a great price and I accepted. They left right away for groceries and began to cook dinner as soon as they came back. I sat in their dining room and we conversed as Emilie prepared a traditional Mexican dish, one she learned from the family she stayed with when she first moved to Mexico. We talked about relationships, life, and just got to better know one another as Banda played in the background. Banda is her favorite type of Mexican music and I see why. I believe the best way to connect with a culture is to listen to their music and I definitely made a connection.

I just finished eating a great meal made by my amazing new friend Emilie. It is as if we were meant to meet. I love when my path crosses with others that share a passion for language, culture, and travel as much as I do. She made me chicken fajitas and they were like no fajitas I’ve ever had before. They were so delicious and fresh. They were not over seasoned, but flavored just right and simply delicious. I want to go into more detail and describe just how good they were, but all I can say is that they were delicious lol.

I haven’t spent much time in cancun just yet, but I already feel welcomed and at home. I chose the perfect AirBnb.