R&R | My Day In Cancun Day 2

NO to Itineraries! Yes to going with the flow.

This morning I woke up from a good night’s rest to a beautiful view. I thought to myself “I should get an early start to the day and set out on the town, or head to the beach, or go take pictures of something…” I woke up anxious and in a hurry to get the day started because I wanted to make the most out of my time here. Then, I remind myself.. I’m on vacation… yes, there is so much to do and so little time, but making the most of every moment here means doing what I want to do in the moment, flying by the seat of my pants, and taking the time to relax, enjoy, and focus on the things I usually don’t have time for back at home,” (i.e. rest, art, reading, listening to audible, constructing this blog site, etc.) So, I went back to sleep (I naturally woke up super early so going back to sleep really wasn’t a crime). Waking up an hour later, I decide to head down to the pool for an early morning swim. It was refreshing and nostalgic. The crisp water reminded me of my younger years at the YMCA, a nonprofit focused on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. I used to go after school or during some summers and it is where I learned to swim. I forgot how much I loved to swim. It is very freeing in a way; flowing with and cutting through the water so effortlessly.


Bed and Breakfast

It was established the night before that I can knock whenever I’m ready for breakfast and Emily will make me whatever I desire. I knocked on the door of my hosts neighboring the room next to mine and was kindly greeted by Emily, my new friend and chef. She is French, but makes amazing Mexican food. But, this morning breakfast would be French due to the fact that 1. I’m obsessed and in love with France 2. I’ve never had crepes before and 3. She makes amazing crepes. So, crepes it was!

Crepes w/ papaya, Tea, & Pineapple Juice.
Crepes w/ papaya, Tea, & Pineapple Juice.

The two on the left were creme brûlée (my favorite), the two on the far right were sugar, and the last was strawberry jam. She had even cut the papaya into hearts and shapes!

After enjoying my lovely meal I stayed in bed, caught up on some reading, listened to a book on audible, and continued working on my website… this website. I did exactly what I wanted when I wanted and enjoyed myself right here in bed. I was able to invest in my creativity and allow for the ideas and production to flow right out of me. There is usually not much time to indulge in the things we love or enjoy… at least that is the case for me. But I’m slowly developing a balance and making time for these things in my daily routine back at home.

To Leave or Not to Leave…

Lunchtime! I knocked on the door, as instructed to do so when ready for a meal, but no one came. I wasn’t sure if Emilie had gone out and I didn’t want to just leave and get food else where since she and Oliver had made groceries to cook for me. An hour later I return and accidentally wake her from her sleep. She said it was no problem, but I felt bad. I told her I could go eat else where so that she could rest, but she insisted that I stay and I’m so glad that I did. As she cooked we talked, learning more about one another, and sharing our passion for food and life. Then it was ready…

This was literally the best tuna I’ve ever had and I will definitely be making this on a consistent basis at home. I love how she goes the extra mile for presentation. I told her she could put the rice on the side, but no. She searched the cabinets for something, anything and found a little tin bucket (probably used as a cup) to serve as a mold.

At this point, I’m having the time of my life eating good food and talking with good people; what more can I ask for? I was planning on going to the beach, but fell into a deep food-induced coma.


About 5 in the afternoon and the sun was going to be setting soon, so going to the beach was out of the question. I woke up feeling a bit disappointed, but reminded myself that there’s always tomorrow. I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood and take pictures. The best decision ever. Not only did I get some amazing photos, but I ran into the friends of Oliver and Emily on my way back to my room. They had ordered Chinese and invited me to eat with them by the pool. Instantly, I said yes.

To make things short. We ate, we talked, we drank, and we danced. It was a great night with amazing new friends that celebrated me (due to my birthday having just passed) and made me feel like family. This is what I love about travel and meeting new people. There are people that do not know you from a stranger on the street, but are so willing and open to share their culture with you. Connections were made despite the language barrier. I really wish I were fluent. I must stay persistent and figure out a way to best learn and stay consistent.


I’ve had the best time here in Cancun so far and I haven’t even left my condo. This feeling was exactly what I was looking for. And now that I’ve found it I do not want to leave.