Waves, Faith, and Optimism | Cancun Day 3

I woke up this morning ready for an amazing tour day with my new friend Moi, a friend of my AirBnb hosts. If you’ve read my post from Cancun Day 2, you would know that last night I had dinner and drinks by the pool with my hosts and their friends. They treated me as one of their own and it was truly a great time. Towards the end of the night Moi had told me that he would come for me around 10 in the morning and take me to see all there is to see in Cancun, from swimming with dolphins to the best local spots for food and dance. You can imagine my excitement.


Creme Brûlée crepes (My FAVORITE!) & papaya

I began the day as I have before with an early morning swim around 6 followed by breakfast in bed and blogging.

I knew there was a chance that Moi might not come through so I prepared myself. Around 9 I told myself “If I don’t hear from him within the next hour I will just go with my original plans and venture out to the beach for sun, sand, and waves.” I stayed productive in my room for about an hour and a half then set out for the beach.

I stop by next door to pick up my doggy bag lunch that Emilie had prepared for my day out; burritos smothered in a chili pepper sauce with a side of tortilla chips. (sorry no picture, but it was to die for like everything else she prepared.)

I won’t go into detail about what exactly had upset me, but as I was heading out to the beach a situation had come up and I had realized that I was short on cash. I started to cry… wondering if I even have enough to pay the bus fare. It is a 10 min. walk to the bus stop and a 4 min ride to the beach. If I were to walk to the beach it would be roughly a 40 min. walk… which I would not have been able to survive. The 10 min. walk was a struggle in the harsh sun, plus my feet were killing me.

I had checked the forecast the night before and it had said that it was going to rain today, but during my walk I had realized what a beautiful and bright day it was. I told myself to let go and let God. I wanted to enjoy the sun and the beauty since by the grace of God it was not raining. I have an opportunity to see the beach and I did not leave the condo the day before. This is where perspective comes into play. I look towards the positives, the things going right. I have faith that everything will work itself out as it always does.

I finally arrive at the beach and I take in all its beauty as I walk the shore in search for a spot to relax… Away from the crowd and close to the tides. I lay out my towel, set my book to the side, along with my packed lunch, and begin taking pictures. Then, I realized that I could not find the cover to my camera lens. I had almost lost it on the bus ride there, but thought I threw it back into my purse. This just upsets me even more, but again I take a breathe and try to stay positive.

I talk things through in my head and make a plan. “I’ll spend this much on this… Negotiate that… Withdraw this… Come up with that… ” I thought to myself “at the end of the day I know I will be okay so I will enjoy this moment while I have it.”

I close my eyes and take in the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. I open my eyes and watch as the water glides and sparkles. (Inhale… Exhale…) The salty air puts me at ease.

I get in the water and take in all that is happening around me; from the birds flying, the couples walking, the the waves waving (lol), to the positive aura all around me. Nostalgia comes over me again as I think back to days at the beach with my mom as a child. I remember my love for exploration and interaction with the sand and the sea. I dig my feet deeper into the sand as the waves rush in from behind. I’m at peace… I’m in paradise! I feel… good.

After splashing in the water I lay out in the sun. Skin baking, damn near broiling, in the harsh sun, with moments of sweet relief as clouds gracefully floated by. It was a good roasting though. I don’t often get the chance to tan so I didn’t mind the tough love the sun was giving me. I appreciated the opportunity. I listened to some tunes and allowed my mind to go blank. I felt so much better; relaxed and optimistic for whatever was to come next. Hours later I start to pack up preparing to head back to the airbnb and I end up finding the cover to my camera lens. I swear it magically appeared lol because I could have sworn I picked my purse apart looking for it in every pocket and crevice. But I didn’t even care how it got there at this point, I was just happy it was there. Things were looking up. I had a plan. I was able to get a few souvenirs and afford the bus fare back to the condo with enough left over for the taxi back to the airport tomorrow.

I’m glad I allowed myself to let go and enjoy myself in the moment rather than allowing what seemed to be unfortunate events to ruin my mood, my day, and my experience. Everything worked out and when I think back on this day in the future it won’t be tainted by a spoiled mood, but filled with memorable moments of waves, perseverance, and blessings. It may not seem like much, or maybe I just didn’t portray things as well for you, whoever you are, to understand just how far a change in perspective can go. There is power in faith and optimism.